Business Data Research Services

Business data research encompasses collating data and information for richer insight as well as effective decision making. Through its wide spectrum of business data research services, can provide you easy access to valuable, actionable data – required to reach out to the target audience and make strategic decisions.

Our business data research experts follow standard industry processes and practices to gather business, economy, finance and market-related information from scores of online resources, business directories, blogs, social networking sites, online forums, news portals, websites, industry publications, etc. We support small to medium enterprises in turning data into insight, thus adding value to marketing campaigns, presentations, proposals and research reports.

Make Your Business Data Research Service Partner specializes in delivering a rich array of business data research, market research and allied services to help businesses of all shapes and stripes in making informed strategic decisions by gaining easy access to information related to their customers, competitors and business. We enable them to gain valuable market insights as well as customer behavior and buying pattern. Our experts specialize in both qualitative business data research and quantitative business data research.

Our business research services include carrying out market research, product/ service research, leads research, customer buying trends, pricing research, etc.

Range of Business Data Research Services at

  • News Research

    Our experts keep a tab on news, technological developments, mergers and acquisitions, and other latest developments related to client’s domain, thus helping them gain awareness.

  • Lead Generation

    As part of online business research services, we find out information of your target prospects to help you convert them into customers. Our experts can provide you with your prospects’ contact details like email ids, website URLs, telephone number, fax number, etc., for sales support.

  • Company and Business Research

    Our business data research experts collate data related to the industry, key players, revenue, annual reports, asset size, employee size, competitive presence etc. for both global clients.

  • Social Media Research and Analysis

    We use advanced social media tools to gather details of the target audience as well as competitors from sites like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

  • Events Research

    To ensure that you have track of industry information, launch of a new product or service etc., our experts conduct research and find out details about upcoming exhibitions, seminars, webinars and trade shows.

  • Document Research

    We can efficiently gather data from magazines, journals, white papers, thesis, technical information, and other critical documents. delivers business data research services to diverse industry verticals viz., rea estate, banking and finance, medical and healthcare, legal, manufacturing and services, Non-Profit Organizations, etc.

Why Outsource Business Data Research Services to

With business research services, we support global clients in easily accessing pertinent information that they require to stay ahead of competition in the present high-performing business environment. Our experts collect data from thousands of online several sources and analyze it to provide you with easy-to-access and retrieve information that drives strategic decisions, cost reduction and business growth.

When you outsource business data research services to us, we help you in:

  • Gaining access to valuable, actionable information related to their customers, competitors and the market
  • Easily and quickly locating critical data
  • Having a comprehensive and accurate database
  • Making strategic business decisions
  • Implementing targeted marketing campaigns
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