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In today’s competitive business environment, it is crucial to keep a tab on competitors, their sales and marketing techniques, latest developments and much more! offers a broad range of company information research services, helping you stay abreast with all the pertinent information and every move that your competitors make.

Our company research services are engineered to help you gain competitive edge in the market and by ensuring that you have all the required and relevant information about your competitors at your fingertips. We have a dedicated team of company information research specialists who collate accurate information from thousands of online sources, news portals and business listing sites, directories, social networking websites, forums, and several others.’s Company Information Research Services: An Overview

With full suite of company information research services, we empower our global clients with pertinent details about their competitors, which consequently assist them in implementing sales and marketing campaigns, and reaching out to the target market with the right product, at the right time. From company’s name, address, contact number to financial data, audit reports and policies, we make sure that all the details are easily accessible to you. Our experts also find out if the company is publicly traded, private or a subsidiary.

Our company information research specialists follow a systematic approach to collate valuable and reliable information, while keeping in mind your project specifications as well as the purpose. We cater to a variety of industry verticals and niches such as real estate, legal, medical and healthcare, Non-Profit Organizations, banking and finance, automotive, IT, etc.

Our range of company information research services include gathering the following information:

  • Name, address, phone number, fax number and email address of the concerned person
  • Website URL
  • History
  • Stock price chart
  • Names of key players/ top executives
  • Financial data, including revenue, profits and workforce capacity
  • Audit reports
  • Market share
  • Annual reports
  • Financial and investment
  • News/ case studies
  • Products/ services offered
  • Upcoming events, if any
  • Launch of a new product or service, if any
  • Ranking on search engines for critical keywords
  • Backlinks to other websites
  • Top competitors

And much more!

We keep a tab on your competitors, prevalent market trends, products and services offered, as well as consumer pattern to enable you to gain competitive advantage. Our company information research services are aimed to supporting you gauge where you lead, lag or operate at par with other organizations.

Why Outsource Company Information Research Services to

When you outsource company information research services to, our experts work to collate information from a myriad of online sources, business directories, websites, databases, eMagazines, news portals, etc. We support you in:

  • Identifying your key competitors
  • Gaining insights that help you make informed strategic decisions
  • Learning what your competitors are offering to the target audience
  • Knowing their sales and marketing strategies
  • Discovering your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Creating competitive strategies and gaining an edge in the market
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With a range of services, advanced tools and techniques, we provide you the information you need to understand the market, your competitors, industry as well as the target audience. Get more information about our comprehensive range of company information research services by writing to us at

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