Conducting Survey and Analysis

Surveys would not hold any prominence unless data collected under different sampling plans is interpreted and analyzed efficiently by experts. Holding rich experience in conducting survey and analysis for businesses across diverse domains, supports global clients in gaining valuable, actionable insights from tens of thousands of responses. We help in conducting survey data analysis so that the responses can be interpreted accurately.

With a team ranging from survey data entry specialists to market researchers and expert consultants, we help you extract critical information from responses to generate richer insights and empower client’s decision-making process.’s Range of Survey Data Analysis Services: An Overview delivers end-to-end survey data analysis services, including questionnaire/ survey design, survey programming, data analysis and visualization & reporting. We have an optimum blend of rich experience, in-depth technical know-how and skilled personnel to systematically collect, record as well as analyze data, helping you make strategic business decisions.

Our team of professionals can help you right from designing questionnaires, carrying out telephonic, web and email surveys through to presenting the data properly in dashboards for instantaneous and informed decisions.

While conducting survey and analysis, we help you:

  • View response counts and sort responses
  • Collate survey statistics like average response time per question, drop-out rates, questions not answered, completion percentage etc.
  • Present the data effectively in graphs and tables
  • Export survey data reports in Excel, Word, PDF, PowerPoint or any other file format of your choice

Our experts are also adept at designing real-time reporting dashboards with a single reporting interface to help you gain insights into critical metrics pertaining to your business, target market, competitors, etc.

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