Data Capture Services

For strategic decision making, businesses require easily accessible, accurate and up-to-date data. With digital imaging and data capture services, DataEntryIndia aims to provide you just that.

With an optimum blend of advanced technology, well-established processes and highly skilled data entry executives, we support businesses of all shapes and sizes in capturing and digitizing data with utmost accuracy, while they concentrate on core competencies to achieve organizational goals just in time. Our digital imaging experts work in tandem with the global clients to analyze their project specifications and tailor the approach accordingly. We are adroit at capturing pertinent information from all types of documents like invoices, bills, receipts, company reports, catalogs, directories, questionnaires, databases, and a lot more.

Document Imaging and Data Capture Services at DataEntryIndia: A Glimpse

Our data entry experts use a combination of both manual processes as well as automated digital imaging solutions to capture required information from all types of documents including handwritten, printed, typed, digital, check boxes, bar codes as well as scanned images. The extracted data is further entered in an easy-to-access file format.

We also employ Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technique to convert scanned PDFs and other images into electronic, editable format like Text, MS Word, MS Excel, or any other. As part of digital imaging services, our experts support the clients in:

  • Converting large volumes of hardcopy documents into digital images
  • Capturing data from invoices, receipts, vouchers, etc.
  • Using OCR to capture handwritten, types, cursive and printed text from scanned paper documents and convert them into editable and searchable digital format
  • Capturing numerical data, tables, columns as well as graphics from the documents, PDF files or images with complete accuracy
  • Sorting and scanning the paper-based documents using advanced scanners

Data Capture Services: Key Application Areas

  • Invoices, purchase receipts, sales coupons and promotional vouchers
  • Business cards, product registration cards, product warranties, etc.
  • Company reports, instruction and user manuals, etc.
  • Bank, debit card and credit card statements
  • Tables, charts, graphs and images
  • Survey data and questionnaires
  • Resumes/ Curriculum Vitae
  • Telephone directories
  • Town records, birth records and municipal records
  • Online forms and applications
  • Legal documents like deeds, wills and trusts, etc.
  • Scanned images of different formats like JPEG, TIFF, PDF, etc.

Why Outsource Digital Imaging and Data Capture Services to DataEntryIndia?

At DataEntryIndia, we deliver a complete suite of data capture services to diverse industries such as finance, real estate, legal, medical, marketing, Non-profit Organizations, etc. Our data entry executives follow high standards of data capture process to ensure accurate and error-free output. Further, we adhere to strict security protocols to maintain absolute data confidentiality.

Our experts work round-the-clock to provide technical and customer support to clients across the globe. With our wealth of cross-industry experience and extensive technical know-how, we are committed to ensure high quality in project deliverables.

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