Data Entry from Dictionaries,
Manuals & Encyclopedias

Encyclopedias, dictionaries and manuals are packed with huge volumes of valuable and authentic information that must be easy to access. With a complete range of data entry services from dictionaries, manuals and encyclopedias, supports businesses of all shapes and sizes in capturing critical information from online as well as offline source files.

From capturing and keying-in words and their meanings from dictionaries, short, factual and well-researched entries from encyclopedias to information stored in a variety of manuals, we do it all with utmost accuracy. Our experts can efficiently digitize dictionaries, manuals and encyclopedias to make the data easily searchable for the users.

Dictionaries, Manuals and Encyclopedias Data Entry Services at An Overview

We deliver a complete range of encyclopedias, manuals and dictionaries data entry services, aimed at helping entrepreneurs in managing robust databases with business-critical information. Housing a seasoned team of data entry experts, we help right from capturing the required details to entering them in a suitable file format like Word, Excel, Access, HTML, Text, etc., thus providing you easy to access and retrieve data.

With encyclopedias, dictionaries and manuals data entry services, we cater to diverse industry verticals including education, finance and banking, insurance, legal, real estate, healthcare, automotive, etc. Our data entry specialists hold rich experience and technical know-how to perform data entry from dictionaries, manuals & encyclopedias, while maintaining optimum level of accuracy.

A quick glimpse at our service spectrum:

  • Document Scanning

    Having access to advanced scanners, our experts convert paper-based manuals, encyclopedias and dictionaries into image files.

  • Data Capture

    Data from the scanned images is captured using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools and technology for easy access.

  • Data Entry

    Further, our data entry experts manually feed the pertinent details in a preferred file format, while maintaining 99.95% accuracy and complete data confidentiality.

  • Data Verification and Validation

    The entered data is verified and validated against source files to ensure zero discrepancy and errors in the final deliverable.

  • Quality Control

    Our Quality Assurance team runs rigorous quality checks to make sure that the file is error-free and contains complete information, as per project specifications.

Our experts employ the Double Keying and Comparison method to make sure that the project meets client’s expectations in terms of quality. We follow the following steps as part of dictionaries, manuals and encyclopedias data entry services:

  • A team of two data entry operators is deployed to perform data entry in separate files, termed A and B.
  • The files, A and B, are compared against each other electronically to find out errors and discrepancy, if any. After rectifying the errors, two new files, namely C and D, are prepared.
  • Further, files C and D are against evaluated against each other to create file E, which is reviewed by the auditor.
  • The final file E is transferred to client’s system through secure File Transfer Protocol or Virtual Private Network.
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