Data Mining Services

To make informed strategic business decisions and interact with potential clients efficiently, businesses require easily accessible data that can deliver knowledge and uncover hidden patterns.’s data mining services are aimed to do just that, besides just giving valuable insights into customer and business trends!

From reviewing huge volumes of complex data, archives and backfiles to extracting pertinent information and presenting it in a suitable file format, we do it all as part of data mining services. We have an optimum blend of skills and resources required to collate data from thousands of documents and organize it in an easy-to-access file format, thus facilitating client’s decision making process and empowering them to find out new business opportunities. Our data mining experts are adept at mining data from a myriad of sources including hardcopy and digital files, directories, CRM/ ERP, etc., and managing information related to customers like names, telephone numbers, email IDs, etc., products and services, competitors, business and market trends, etc.’s Rich Array of Data Mining Services: An Overview provides a complete spectrum of data mining services to clients across different industries like academic institutions, banking and finance, real estate, legal, marketing and research firms, etc. Our expert team of data miners and data entry specialists work meticulously to convert data into valuable information that help in streamlining business operations and gaining edge over competitors.

When you outsource data mining services to, we help you research across a comprehensive range of source files. Furthermore, we support our clients in extracting pertinent information from websites, online directories and social media feed, as part of web data mining services. Our key application areas include:

  • Customers Details

    Curriculum Vitae, Professional Information and Contact Details like Name, Email ID, Residential and Official Address, Phone Number, Fax Number, etc.

  • Company Research

    Corporate and Market Reports, Competitors, Industry-based Details, Annual Report.

  • Legal Documents Research

    Foreclosures, Partnership Agreements, Credits, Leases, Deeds, Mortgages, Financial Statement, Titles, Releases, Affidavit, etc.

  • Professional Services

    Doctors, Researchers, Charted Accountants, Lawyers, Professors, Carpenters, Computer Repairs, Plumbers, etc.

  • Events and Exhibitions

    Expos, Industry Fairs, Seminars, Workshops, Training Programs, Trade Shows, Webinars, etc.

  • Document Research

    Magazines, Journals, Research Papers, Thesis, Periodicals, Instruction Modules, Newsletters, Technical Documents, Case Studies, White Papers, etc.

  • eCommerce Product Research

    SKUs, Brand Details, Manufacturing Part Number, Technical Specs, Pricing, Product Descriptions, Images, Reviews and Ratings, etc.

Data Mining Services at Our Methodology

Our Data Mining Specialists Follow a 4-Step Process To Mine Data:

  • Business and Data Analysis

    The first step is to understand the project’s objective from business’s point of view as well as different sets of data. Data mining projects can range from finding customer’s contact details to identifying the spending behaviors of a particular set of audience.

  • Data Collation

    The next step entails mining the databases for pertinent information of customers and prospects, market trends, competitors, companies, professionals, etc., to help the client in gaining richer insights.

  • Data Standardization

    Our experts cleanse and standardize the collected raw data and organize it in a preferred format like CSV, MS Excel, MS Word, Text, etc.

  • Data Verification and Validation

    Further, we verify and validate the data to make sure it is reliable, authentic and current.

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