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Offering a complete spectrum of data processing services, supports businesses in processing their valuable data through its entire lifecycle and converting it into actionable information. We help right from organizing and consolidating business-critical data from handwritten text, printed, typed and scanned documents, images, audio and video files, etc., to presenting it in an easily accessible format like MS Word, MS Excel, Text, PDF, CSV, XML, etc.

Whether structured or unstructured, our data processing experts can collate, digitize and summarize required information from a multitude of documents like forms, applications, questionnaires, invoices, etc., and manage the data efficiently in a tabular, textual or visual format, providing entrepreneurs with valuable insights.

DataEntryIndia’s Rich Array of Data Processing Services: A Glimpse

With high-volume data processing services, caters to data-driven organizations like banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, schools and universities, media houses, law firms, news organizations, libraries, publishers, and several others. Our data entry specialists capture pertinent data from hardcopy and digital documents using use advanced scanning tools, cleanse, enrich, standardize, verify and validate the records, and finally organize the data in easy-to-access and retrieve file formats, thus helping entrepreneurs in easily retrieving critical information and making informed decisions just in time.

Our experts are adept at processing data from complex publishing solutions like journals, newsletters, texts, scientific/ technical content and mathematical books. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of large volume data processing services to keep your business and customer records up-to-date and help you boost conversion figures while saving time and company cost.

As part of large volume data processing services, our experts:

  • Scan hardcopy documents and backfiles for data processing
  • Capture data from digital files and scanned images
  • Analyze, summarize and index the extracted data
  • Process data from Mail Preference Service (MPS) and Postcode Address File (PAF)
  • Classify and create up-to-date mailing lists
  • Cleanse, enrich, de-duplicate, standardize, verify and validate the data
  • Organize pertinent data in easily accessible file formats
  • Run frequent quality checks to ensure 99.95% accuracy and data quality
  • Regularly update the financial, business and customer records
  • Manage and archive data at frequent intervals

With data processing services, we aim to support businesses in improving productivity and gaining long-term benefits of information access. Our data processing experts make sure that the data is 99.95% accurate, consistent, privacy compliant and up-to-date.

Our data processing service spectrum includes:

  • Forms Processing Services

    We provide end-to-end forms processing services, spanning document preparation and scanning, data capture, data cleansing, data analysis as well as summarization. Our experts can handle structured as well as unstructured forms, providing entrepreneurs with critical information at their fingertips.

  • Insurance Claims Processing

    With insurance claims processing services, experts at help businesses in capturing, digitizing, cleansing, verifying and validating, and processing claim documents such as HCFA 1500, HCFA 1450, UB92, etc. with utmost accuracy and precision.

  • Market Research Forms Processing

    Helping entrepreneurs in gaining valuable insights from market research forms, supports entrepreneurs in extracting pertinent data from the forms and presenting it in an easy-to-access file format.

  • Check Processing Services

    As part of check processing services, data entry specialists at converts check acceptance into risk-free electronic payments using advanced technology and tools. Our experts scan the checks, verify the transaction and enter the details in a preferred file format to ensure easy accessibility.

  • Survey Processing Services

    With survey data processing services, we help businesses of all shapes and sizes in capturing quantitative as well as qualitative data from survey forms, helping them make strategic business decisions to outshine their competitors. We can accurately process data from handwritten and web-based survey forms/ questionnaires.

  • Mailing List Compilation Services provides a complete suite of mailing list compilation services to help entrepreneurs build an accurate and up-to-date B2C and B2B email list that ensures effective and successful marketing campaign.

  • Document Abstraction Services’s document abstraction services are aimed to help global clients in summarizing the key points from large volumes of data and ensuring that the decision makers have easy access to critical information. Our experts can summarize pertinent information from multiple sources multitude of sources like research papers, medical documents, corporate reports, lease agreements, contracts and SEC filings, etc.

  • Lease Abstraction Services provides lease abstraction services to realtors, real estate agents, property dealers and lease administrators, helping them extract operational and financial aspects of lease data. Further, the data is summarized along with a suitable headline, introduction, key points, conclusion as well as comments.

Data Processing Services: Key Application Areas

When you outsource data processing services to, we help you manage and process data from the following documents:

  • Application forms
  • Enrollment forms
  • Service coupons/ Invoices
  • Market research forms
  • Insurance claims
  • Travel claim forms
  • Publications
  • Journals and newsletters
  • Survey forms/ questionnaires
  • Mortgage forms
  • Leases
  • Examination forms
  • Credit card/ debit card documents
  • Healthcare check-up forms

And several other documents!

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