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Your data quality directly affects the ability to perform certain business functions, provide services to customers as well as your business’ bottom line, with incorrect and outdated customer records leading to wasted marketing spend, wasted time and wasted resources. Offering a complete range of data quality management services, can help you turn your database into source of reliable and actionable information by eliminating data ambiguity.

We are a team of seasoned data entry specialists, data quality managers, proofreaders and Quality Assurance (QA) professionals, helping you regularly monitor your database to maintain its quality. Our experts cleanse, de-duplicate, standardize, verify and validate your data sets to help you make strategic decisions.

[ Drop Us a Line ]’s Broad Range of Data Quality Management Services: An Overview

Data quality is majorly affected by the way the details are entered, managed and stored. We deliver a complete spectrum of data quality management services across diverse industry vertical and niches, supporting clients around the world in maintaining accurate, complete and up-to-date database.

From cleansing inaccurate entries, de-duplicating repeated data, standardizing values to periodically updating the details, our data quality management service comprise of them all. We also verify reliability of the data to ensure you can use it, as and when required. Our service spectrum includes:

  • Data Scrubbing/ Data Cleansing Services

    With data cleansing services, we help businesses of all shapes and sizes in frequently fine-tuning business, financial and customer records by identifying incorrect, irrelevant & obsolete information and eliminating them from the database. Our experts also add missing information to make sure that the database is complete to the last detail. Our data scrubbing services also include rectifying typos and spelling mistakes, if any.

  • Data De-duplication

    If your database contains duplicate information leading to redundant data, we can help you get rid of it through our range of data de-duplication services. Our experts can handle large-volume data and eliminate duplicate entries by following data matching, data merging and data purging techniques. We filter the records to ensure that your database contains unique entries.

  • Data Standardization

    To ensure clarity and consistency in your database, provides data standardization services that include standardize values in customer data, financial records, and in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management systems. Our experts are adept at standardizing names, addresses, phone numbers, product attributes, etc. with utmost accuracy and precision.

  • Data Enrichment Services

    To further enhance the quality of your database and add value to it, we provide data enrichment services that include reviewing and rectifying inaccurate entries, correcting spelling and typographical errors, eliminating obsolete and outdated information, appending data, cross-checking and verifying contact details, and a lot more.

  • Data Verification/ Validation

    As part of data verification and validation services, our experts verify and validate customer contact information including phone numbers, email addresses, residential and official addresses, fax numbers, etc., against reliable sources of information. We provide you relevant and authentic contact information that you can rely on.

  • Mailing List Cleanup

    To help businesses in boosting marketing efforts and generating higher revenue, provides them with accurate and up-to-date email lists. With mailing list cleanup services, our experts eliminate old, duplicate and undeliverable email addresses to make sure that you can target the right set of customers at the right address every time. We also provide email list hygiene/ email validation services that include to provide you properly formatted, verified and authentic email addresses to make sure that your email reach customer’s inbox.

  • E-Mail Validation delivers email verification/ e-mail validation services, engineered to support businesses in improving the performance of their email marketing campaigns by reaching out to customer’s inbox with accurate and authentic email address. Our service spectrum includes syntax verification, email correction, proprietary domain check and spam trap suppression.

  • Email Appending Services

    With email appending services, aims to support global clients in adding missing email addresses in B2B and B2C databases, thereby boosting their email marketing campaigns and saving mailing costs.

  • Document Tagging Services

    To enable organizations in sorting thousands of business-critical documents, images, audio and video files efficiently, provides a complete range of document tagging services at reasonable prices. Our professionals identify key subjects and tag the files with recommended tags, while ensuring consistency and providing users with a contextual view of the document.

  • OCR Clean Up

    Ineffective on handwritten text, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technique can miss out on certain sections or misread data. Thus, we help you clean the OCR-generated data with our competitively-priced OCR clean up services. Our experts proofread the data and compare it with original source files to ensure that you have easy access to clean business, financial and customer records.

Why Outsource Data Quality Management Services to

By outsourcing data quality management services to, you not only save your time and company cost but also gain easy access to accurate, complete, consistent and privacy-compliant business and customer records. Key benefits include:

  • Cleanse, de-duplicate and standardize data for accurate, complete and up-to-date information that helps in making strategic decisions and improving business processes
  • Get relevant, consistent and reliable customer information that helps you improve customer service and boost performance of marketing campaigns
  • Boost business’ bottom line by reducing the number of erroneous customer records
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