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Accurate and up-to-date contact information of existing as well as potential customers can play a key role in boosting a business’ sales and marketing campaigns. With telephone directory data entry services, aims to support its clients in converting the paper-based telephone directories into a usable, electronic database that can be easily accessed by the users at all levels of the organization.

Our team of telephone directory data entry experts hold extensive experience and expertise in capturing pertinent information from hardcopy as well as online directories. We first analyze your target audience, extract details from directories and enter it in any offline or online applications and file formats, as per your specific requirements. Besides, our experts can also cleanse, verify and validate the information to make sure it is correct and complete to the last detail.

DataEntryIndia’s Telephone Directory Data Entry Services: A Glimpse

DataEntryIndia delivers a complete range of telephone directory data entry services to a variety of sectors including education, finance and banking, real estate, legal, market research, insurance, Non-profit Organizations, etc. Our data entry specialists are adept at extracting contact information of customers, business partners and other stakeholders from online and offline source files, and enter the details in an easy-to-access file format like Excel, Word, Access, HTML, XML, etc. with 99.95% accuracy.

Our telephone directory data entry services include:

  • Scanning each page of the directory and create image in an easy to access file format
  • Using Optical Character Recognition Technology (OCR) to capture data from scanned images
  • Manually entering the data in predefined fields in online or offline applications
  • Proofreading the entered data to ensure zero errors

As part of telephone directory data entry services, we input data from offline and online telephone directories such as:

  • Yellow/ white pages
  • Business directories
  • Legal directories
  • Doctor’s directories
  • Residential directories
  • Local search sites

And several other sources!

Performing data entry from telephone directories, our experts can extract and enter information related to customer’s residence and business, such as:

  • Name
  • Residential and official address with STD/ ISD codes
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Website URL

And much more!

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