Document Abstraction Services

Having easy-to-access and concise information at fingertips has become imperative for businesses to make strategic decisions, improve overall profitability, reduce risk and cut costs. With document abstraction services, supports businesses in gaining easy access to summarized information from significant volumes of complex document, stored in hardcopy as well as digital documents.

Our team of experts can efficiently extract salient points, facts and figures from tens of thousands of documents without loss of critical document, while helping you save your time and efforts required to search through information-loaded records. We begin by understanding client’s specific requirements and briefly represent the key points to make sure you have all the information you need at your fingertips. We can extract pertinent information from a multitude of sources such as medical documents, lease agreements, research papers, corporate reports, contracts and SEC filings, customer databases, etc. and summarize the key points in a preferred file format like MS Excel, MS Word, Text, etc.

Document Abstraction Services at A Glimpse

As part of document abstraction services, we help right from reviewing the documents to removing superfluous and unwanted information and summarizing details about customers, products and services, competitors, market, etc., in accordance to client’s project specifications. We also provide database abstraction services to help clients in extracting relevant information from their overloaded databases.

Our experts create effective and to-the-point headlines and provide synopsis of all the required and relevant document. We cater to diverse industry verticals like medical and healthcare, banking and finance, real estate, legal, market research, academic institutions, etc. helping them review, analyze and summarize the information that enables them to gain competitive edge in the market.

When you outsource document abstraction services, we create abstracts with:

  • Introduction
  • Salient points
  • Conclusion
  • Comments/ Discussion

Our experts follow a systematic approach to deftly manage the documents and address complex instances of heterogeneous document by using common schemas and mechanisms. We provide a well-organized document in a structured form that helps in gaining richer insights around your business.

Document Abstraction Services: Key Application Areas

We help our global clients in gaining easy access to abstracts from a myriad of source documents, like medical documents, employment agreements, partnership deeds, leases, and other legal documents, books and journals, dissertations, business contracts, reports and a lot more.

Our key application areas include:

  • Medical Document Abstraction
  • Legal Document Abstraction
  • News Abstraction
  • Biographic Document Abstraction
  • Scientific Document Abstraction
  • Books and Journal Paper Abstraction
  • Research Paper Abstraction
  • Judgment Abstraction
  • SEC Filings Abstraction
  • Lease Abstraction
  • Financial Document Abstraction

And several others!

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