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Businesses that deal with scores of forms and applications on a regular basis, know how time-consuming and labor-intensive the task of managing, processing and digitizing the hardcopy files is. With forms processing services, DataEntryIndia.in supports entrepreneurs in capturing critical data from handwritten, typed as well as printed forms and organize the information in easily accessible file formats like Text, MS Word, MS Excel, CSV, PDF, etc.

Having an optimum blend of cross-industry experience, technical know-how and access to the latest scanning tools, we cater to different verticals including education, real estate, legal, marketing, insurance, banking and finance, healthcare, and others.

Wide Spectrum of Forms Processing Services at DataEntryIndia.in: Key Features

Providing a rich array of forms processing services, DataEntryIndia.in helps global clients in capturing, digitizing, cleansing and organizing data from paper-based and electronic forms with complete accuracy and precision.

Whether structured, semi-structured or unstructured, handwritten, machine-printed, typed or scanned, our experts are adept at collating pertinent information from large volumes of business and customer forms and presenting the data in a preferred file format that is easy to access and retrieve for users across the enterprise.

As part of form processing services, we:

  • Use advanced scanning tools to scan hardcopy forms and convert them into images
  • Employ Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technique to capture machine-printed text
  • Manually feed the data in a suitable file format, while ensuring 99.95% accuracy
  • Cleanse, enrich, de-dupe, verify and validate the entered data to make sure it is correct and complete to the last detail
  • Convert the files in a preferred format like MS Excel, MS Word, Text, PDF, HTML, XML, etc.

Meanwhile, our Quality Assurance (QA) professionals run quality checks to make sure that the final deliverable is error-free. Committed to maintaining absolute data security and confidentiality, we transfer the processed information through a secure FTP server, Virtual Private Network (VPN) or email.

Forms Processing Services: Key Application Areas

  • Medical claim forms processing
  • Online forms processing
  • Accounts, tax and legal forms processing
  • Student enrollment forms processing
  • Insurance claim forms processing
  • Questionnaires/ Survey forms processing
  • Credit card/ debit card applications processing
  • Business forms processing
  • Rental forms processing
  • Mortgage claim forms processing
  • Healthcare check-up forms processing
  • Examination forms processing
  • Travel claim forms processing
  • Immigration forms processing
  • Customer feedback forms processing
  • Market research forms processing
  • Rebate forms processing
  • Rental forms processing

And several others!

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