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DataEntryIndia provides a complete spectrum of insurance claims data entry services, aimed at supporting businesses in gaining easy access to critical data - stored in insurance claims forms. We assist right from collating, processing to presenting the information in a suitable file format that the users can access easily and quickly. Our experts are adept at capturing pertinent data from a variety of insurance claim forms and entering it in an Excel sheet, spreadsheet, database or any other file.

With our insurance claims data entry and data processing services, we cater to clients across diverse industry verticals and niches such as medical, automotive, legal, real estate, insurance, etc.

DataEntryIndia’s Rich Array of Insurance Claims Data Entry Services: An Overview

DataEntryIndia provides insurance claims processing services to global clients, helping them process information from life insurance, medical insurance, auto insurance, general insurance, travel insurance, health insurance and several other insurance claims forms.

Holding in-depth domain expertise and a wealth of experience, we help companies in accurately processing data from hardcopy as well as electronic insurance claims forms to provide clients with accurate, consistent and up-to-date information. Our insurance claims entry specialists employ Optical Character Recognition technique to capture data from scanned documents, ensuring complete accuracy and precision.

As part of insurance claims data entry services, our experts begin by capturing information from the documents and enter the details in a preferred file format like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, Text, ASCII, or any other. Our team is well-versed with the key insurance terms and manually feed the data with utmost accuracy and ease, while adhering to stringent security norms to maintain complete data confidentiality.

Insurance Claims Data Entry Services at DataEntryIndia: Key Application Areas

  • HCFA (Health Care Financing Administration)/ CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) 1500 claim forms
  • UB (Uniform Billing) health insurance claim forms
  • ADA insurance claims forms
  • Auto claims insurance forms
  • Hospitalization insurance claim forms
  • Motor insurance claim forms
  • Mortgage insurance claim forms
  • General insurance claim forms
  • Health insurance claims forms
  • Dental insurance claims forms
  • Disability insurance claim forms
  • Critical illness insurance claim forms
  • Dismemberment claim forms
  • Workers insurance claims data entry
  • Dismemberment insurance claim forms

And many more!

Our insurance claims data entry specialists follow Double Entry System (DES), wherein the data is entered separately by two individuals to ensure utmost accuracy. Further, our Quality Assurance team conducts frequent quality checks and deliver error-free data to the clients.

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