Insurance Claims Processing Services provides a range of insurance claims processing services to insurers, agents, brokers, hospitals, realtors, automotive companies, and other businesses to help them process all the required and relevant information from insurance claims forms. Having the right blend of highly-skilled personnel and advanced technology, we efficiently collate, key-in, manage, digitize and present critical data in a suitable file format that is easily accessible for the users.

Our dedicated team of insurance claims processing experts are adroit at managing handwritten, computer printed as well as typed claim forms of different types like dental, institutional, behavioral health, etc. with complete accuracy and precision. We can also capture, digitize and process information from multiple claim documents like HCFA 1450, HCFA 1500, UB04, UB92, etc.

DataEntryIndia’s Insurance Claims Processing Services: An Overview

To support insurers and business owners across diverse industry verticals in streamlining claims operations while reducing expenses and delivering customer-centric experience to the clients, provides insurance claims processing services at cost-efficient prices. Our experts can efficiently manage large volume of insurance claim forms and digitize them for easy data management as well as quick access, thus accelerating the settlement process.

When you outsource insurance claims processing services, our experts:

  • Capture claim-related data from hardcopy as well as electronic insurance claim documents
  • Extract critical information
  • Convert the data into process-ready information by entering it in a suitable file format
  • Cleansing, verifying and validating the information against source claim forms
  • Deliver the files through secure FTPs or VPNs

Our insurance claim processing services are aimed at reducing the time required to process claims, lower claims processing and management costs, while adhering to compliance requirements and delivering valuable data to the clients.

Insurance Claims Processing Services: Key Application Areas

  • General Claims
  • Homeowner Claims
  • Health Insurance Claims
  • Auto Insurance Claims
  • Natural Disaster Claims
  • First Party Insurance Claims
  • Dental Insurance Claims
  • Disability Insurance Claim Forms

And others!

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