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B2B and B2C Mailing Lists

Mailing lists, containing accurate and up-to-date contact details of the most potential customers, form the basis of successful email marketing campaigns.’s mailing list compilation services are aimed to support businesses in communicating with existing and new customers and enhancing marketing campaigns!

We compile B2B and B2C mailing lists from scratch, ensuring that the contact information about each of the prospect is correct and complete to the last detail. Our data entry experts refer to a multitude of reliable sources, online and offline, to collate all the required information about consumers as well as the target company like its name, industry, geographic location, zip codes, employee size, etc. Further, we also key-in the data in easy to access file formats and verify and validate the information to ensure that you have authentic data you can rely on.

Broad Range of Mailing List Compilation Services at A Glimpse

Reaching out to the right set of customers to sell products and services can make a huge difference in improving productivity, performance as well as sales. Offering a complete suite of mailing list compilation services, can help you create accurate and updated B2C and B2B mailing lists so that you target your products towards the most prospective customers.

Our experts refer to online and offline directories, company’s websites, digital documents, forms, applications, business cards and several other reliable sources to compile B2 and B2B email lists with all the required information including names, residential and official address, email IDs, phone numbers, etc.

When you outsource mailing list compilation services, we:

  • Web research

    To compile mailing lists, our experts conduct a thorough web research and find out the contact details of the prospects from reliable online sources like directories, company websites, social media platforms, self-reported surveys, etc.

  • Data cleansing/ scrubbing

    After collating the required data, it is cleansed and enriched to make sure that it error-free and accurate. Our experts ascertain incorrect, invalid and obsolete entries and remove them from the database. Further, we also append the missing records.

  • Merging/ splitting data

    Depending on client’s requirements, our experts merge or split the data fields such as contact name (splitting/ combining prospect’s first and last name in one column), house number, city, state, zip code and country (merging the data in one field or splitting it in different columns)

  • Verify and validate

    The customer mailing lists are verified and validated against reliable sources to information, ensuring that your emails do not return undelivered or end up in prospect’s spam folder.

  • Mailing List Data Entry

    Our data entry specialists key-in the details in an easy-to-access file format like Excel, Word, Text, CSV, HTML, XML, etc. with complete accuracy and data confidentiality.

With our mailing list compilation services, we cater to business establishments like insurance companies, banks, universities and educational institutions, real estate companies, real estate firms, etc., supporting them in gaining easy access to B2B mailing lists for successful marketing campaigns.

Mailing List Compilation: Key Application Areas

As part of mailing lists compilation services, we help businesses in building the following lists:

Consumer Mailing Lists, containing the following details:

  • Geography, such as city, state and country
  • Demography, such as age, gender, occupation, income, etc.
  • Contact information, such as email ID and telephone number
  • Behavioral, such as lifestyle activities or beliefs
  • Interests, such as online purchases; order for apparels, accessories, electronic equipment, etc.

Business Mailing Lists, comprising of the following information:

  • Geographic, including city, state and country
  • Business type and size
  • Industry
  • Firm demographics, including number of years in business, number of employees, decision makes, company sales, turnover, etc.
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