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DataEntryIndia offers a complete range of manual data entry services, aimed at supporting businesses in saving the amount of time it takes to manually transfer data from handwritten, printed or typewritten documents into digital formats with utmost accuracy. Our data entry experts are adroit at capturing data from semi-structured as well as unstructured forms and entering it in a suitable file format, as per client’s specific project requirements.

From details related to financial records, medical claims, insurance claims, company reports, etc., to contact details of existing clients and new prospects, we can enter them with complete precision. Our manual data entry specialists follow Double Entry System (DES) to make sure that there is no error in the final deliverable.

A Glimpse at DataEntryIndia’s Broad Range of Manual Keyboarding and Manual Data Entry Services

At DataEntryIndia, we serve as an outsourcing partner to our clients and provide them easily accessible business and customer data that facilitate their decision making process and enhance marketing campaigns. With an optimum blend of resources including advanced technology and well-trained manual keying experts, we make sure that the projects are completed in quick turnaround time.

As part of manual keying services, our data entry specialists:

  • Capture pertinent data from a variety of sources like company reports, medical claims, insurance claims, invoices, bills, receipts, catalogs, company reports, financial records, websites, mailing lists, directories, dictionaries, etc.
  • Employ double manual keying and comparison process to enter the data in a preferred file format like MS Word, MS Excel, etc., while ensuring utmost accuracy
  • Verify and validate data against reliable sources of information
  • Conduct frequent quality checks to make sure that the final deliverable contains error-free and updated information

We follow the below mentioned steps to ensure optimum level of accuracy in the final deliverable:

  • Following the double entry system, we assign manual keying project to two well-trained and seasoned data entry specialists who begin by entering the details in two separate files, named A and B.
  • Each file is evaluated separately and the data entered in them is compared using cutting-edge software that highlights any differences found. The mistakes are rectified in new files, C and D.
  • Further, these files are compared against each other to create a new file E.
  • The auditor reviews the final file and ensures that it is error-free and the data entered is 99.95% accurate.
  • The files are transferred through secure FTPs or VPNs.

As part of manual data entry services, we also assist our clients in entering personal and contact details in forms including name, telephone number, residential and official address, date of birth, etc. We also offer multilingual keyboarding services in all the major international languages like English, German, Italian, French, Swedish, Spanish, etc.

Our data entry experts are adept at manually feeding data in an Excel sheet, spreadsheet, CSV file or any other file format, helping you easily retrieve pertinent details just in time. We strictly adhere to security protocols, maintaining complete data security and confidentiality.

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