Medical Data Entry Services

Healthcare providers require well-managed and updated patient data, medical bills, health insurance claim records, transcriptions, and a lot more. With medical data entry services, we provide you just that!

Our medical data entry services are aimed at making it easy for doctors, medical practitioners, clinics, hospitals, insurance companies, nursing homes and others in digitizing and accessing hospital records, patient files as well as medical insurance billing forms quickly. Our experts can capture data from all the critical documents like medical bills, medical claims, hospital records, patients’ records, patients’ medical history, clinical records, medical transcriptions, etc. and enter it in in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system as well as file formats like MS Word, CSV, Text, etc.’s Healthcare Data Entry Services: A Glimpse

From managing electronic health records and logs, collating required data from patient and hospital files, through to maintaining reports and filing paperwork, our medical data entry services comprise of them all. We are well-versed with the medical terms and abbreviations that apply to certain procedures and diagnoses. Our experts can accurately key-in data related to patients, billing, insurance, account details, prescriptions, claims, diagnosis, admission, discharges, reimbursement, deaths, births, and types of treatment provided.

Our healthcare data entry specialists are proficient at working on medical billing software like Medisoft, Misys, Medic, IDX, Lytec, Medics II, Hypersoft, Eclipse and NextGen. The data entered is carefully analyzed by our team of Quality Assurance professionals to maintain utmost accuracy and precision. It is double-checked, verified and validated against original sources of information for authenticity. We further prevent unauthorized use of critical medical data as well as patients’ information, thus ensuring absolute data confidentiality.

Our suite of healthcare data entry services, include:

  • Keying-in patients’ information such as appointments, account details, prescriptions, reimbursement, etc.
  • Extracting and inputting data from medical insurance claim forms like UB-04, HCFA 1500 (CMS 1500), etc.
  • Entering hospital data including details of patients admitted, births, deaths, number of patients discharged, etc.
  • Managing and updating clinical, tests and lab records
  • Payment posting
  • Payment reconciliation
  • Claims submission
  • Pre-certification and insurance verification
  • Accounts receivable entry and management

And a lot more!

In addition to medical billing data entry, we can also review the existing medical records and cleanse them to ensure they are complete, accurate and standardized.

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