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Easy-to-access and retrieve business, financial and customer records can drive effective, data-informed decisions as well as boost marketing efforts, but only if the data is keyed-in with utmost accuracy and precision. DataEntryIndia, offering a complete range of offline data entry services, partners with global clients to ensure that they have error-free, consistent and updated data.

Combining cutting-edge technologies and highly skilled data entry experts, we maintain 99.95% accuracy and complete data security in all the offline data entry projects. Further, our Quality Assurance team conducts rigorous quality checks to ensure that the final deliverable is error-free and superior quality.

Offline Data Entry Services at DataEntryIndia: A Glimpse

DataEntryIndia’s offline data entry services encompass data input from a variety of sources such as medical claims, insurance claims, mailing lists, scanned image files, financial records, business cards, company reports, etc. our offline data entry specialists are adept at entering information in a list, spreadsheet, Excel sheet, database or any other file format of your choice.

From offline data capture and data collection to offline data input for diverse industry verticals like education, healthcare, finance, legal, real estate, etc., DataEntryIndia has successfully helped its global clients in keying-in, managing and updating archives or large volume data projects in industry best turnaround time.

Some of the key offline data entry services we offer include:

  • Offline data capture and data collection
  • Offline form filling
  • URL list collection
  • Offline entry of data from websites and mailing lists
  • Offline data entry for insurance claims
  • Offline data entry for eBooks
  • Offline data entry for labels, business cards and catalogs
  • Offline data input from one file format to another
  • Offline data input into databases
  • Offline data entry from handwritten documents
  • Offline data entry from scanned images like tiff, jpg, png, gif, bmp or any other format
  • Offline data entry from receipts, bills, vouchers, subscriptions, directories, manuals, survey forms, etc.

Our offline data entry services are aimed to provide business owners with easily accessible data for strategic decisions making, communication, sales and marketing, and other needs. We make sure that you have complete, accurate and up-to-date data. Our experts also follow stringent security protocols to maintain absolute data security and confidentiality.

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