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High level of innovation and in-depth knowledge of what is being offered by competitors are imperatives for organizations to succeed. To meet this demand, provides a full suite of product and services research services to global clients with the aim of helping them gain competitive edge in the market.

From understanding the needs and requirements of the target market, conducting product research to keeping a tab on launch of new products/ services by competitors, our product research and service research services comprise of them all. Our experts study the competition as well as the new product or service to find out how it is going to work in the market.’s Broad Range of Service Research and Product Research Services

Research is an essential step to develop new products and services. With a complete suite of product research and service research, can help you determine consumer expectations and assess existing and new products or services so that you can develop the best. We have a team of professionals who work in accordance with your project specifications and employ industry best practices to provide you comprehensive research on products/ services of competitors.

We create detailed documents that highlights trends and patterns observed among customers, product design research and service strategy, suggestions to improve packaging and other aspects, as well as customer value proposition. Our experts use product research tools to provide end-to-end product and services research services, right from product launch research through to product packaging and product testing.

Our Product Research Services include:

  • New product launch research
  • Product design research
  • Target market research
  • Product concept testing
  • Product innovation services
  • Product packaging research
  • Product testing

As part of services specific research which is more subjective in nature, we brainstorm for new service ideas, assess competitor’s strategy, determine customer’s expectations and help you customize the service spectrum as per the target audience.

Our Service Specific Research includes:

  • New service idea research
  • Service innovation research
  • Service concept testing
  • New service target market research
  • Customer expectations research
  • Service re-launch research
  • Service post launch research
  • Service usage research
  • Service delivery research

Why Outsource Product Research Services/ Service Specific Research Project to

We hold a wealth of experience in catering to businesses across diverse industry verticals such as eCommerce, medical and healthcare, banking and finance, real estate, etc. and helping them handle product & service research efficiently.

  • We have a dedicated team to provide a complete spectrum of product and services research services
  • Our experts use state-of-the-art analytical tools to help clients gain competitive edge
  • Our professionals provide the best suggestions to support clients in launching the product/ service to market
  • We hold in-depth domain expertise in researching about new products and services in the market, and assessing needs of the target audience
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