Data Entry from Enrolment Forms

DataEntryIndia delivers a complete suite of enrollment forms data entry services, aimed at helping universities and educational institutions, financial establishments, insurance companies and medical organizations in processing thousands of enrollment applications with complete accuracy and precision.

Housing a dedicated team to perform data entry from enrollment forms, we work in close unison with the clients to determine their specific requirements and tailor the solutions to meet them. Our experts begin the project by capturing data from handwritten, typed or printed enrollment forms, processing the information and entering it in specific data fields. Our enrollment data entry specialists are conversant at manually feeding information from a variety of enrollment forms in a suitable file format such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, etc.

Enrollment Forms Data Entry Services at DataEntryIndia: An Overview

With rich array of enrollment forms data entry services, DataEntryIndia supports its global clients in managing thousands of enrollment forms with utmost ease, while they concentrate on core competencies to achieve organizational goals. Our data entry experts are adept at working with hardcopy as well as electronic forms, extracting pertinent details and entering them in an easy-to-access file format.

Our enrollment forms data processing and data entry services include:

  • Scanning paper-based enrollment forms
  • Using OCR technology to capture data from scanned images
  • Manually keying-in data from handwritten enrollment forms into a suitable file format
  • Filling enrollment forms online
  • Sorting and indexing enrollment forms for easy access
  • Delivering final output in a preferred format like MS Word (.doc), MS Excel (.xls), MS Access (.mdb), Text (.txt), or as a database for software applications

To maintain absolute data security and confidentiality, we use secure FTP or VPN servers to deliver the file to our global clients.

Enrollment Forms Data Entry and Data Processing Services: Key Application Areas

  • Students’ enrollment forms
  • Examination enrollment forms
  • University registration forms
  • Health Insurance enrollment forms
  • Life insurance enrollment forms
  • Patient enrollment forms
  • Retirement enrollment forms
  • Auto insurance enrollment forms
  • Travel insurance enrollment forms

And several others!

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