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The World Runs On Data

Find out how DataEntryIndia.in helps enterprises stay agile and adaptable in a relentlessly changing business environment with data that is correct, consist and current – 3 crucial factors in data management.

DataEntryIndia.in – Your Partner for End-To-End Data-Driven Services

Data Inputting Services

Data Inputting Services

From transcribing audio and video recordings to extracting and keying-in data from paper-based documents, manuscripts and electronic files, our data entry services comprise them all. Whether customer-related information, financial details or legal data, our team of seasoned data entry specialists can enter large volumes of data in a spreadsheet, CSV file or Excel sheet with 99.95% accuracy. We can also remotely access client’s software, web-based application, CRM or online database to manually feed them with pertinent details and ensure easy access and retrieval of information.

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eCommerce Catalog Processing Services

eCommerce Catalog Processing Services

With a complete suite of eCommerce catalog processing services, we aim to streamline online merchants’ retail operations, boost customer engagement and help them increase sales by frequently managing and updating their product catalogs with accurate, up-to-date and precise information. Our product listing experts support right from quarrying product data from multiple sources to updating the database with 99.95% accuracy. Our service spectrum includes proper product categorization, product description writing, product image editing, catalog data entry and complete back-office support for various platforms like Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, etc., and marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

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Web Research Services

Web Research Services

Providing humongous amount of data that is free and easy to access, Internet is one of the major sources of information. With web research services, we help you gain the most by having required information at your fingertips that help you gain insight into the market, make strategic business decisions, target the right market and foresee future business opportunities. Our experts quarry pertinent details from research websites, online directories, social media sites, blogs, forums, news portals etc., and present it in a suitable file format.

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Data Quality Management

Data Quality Management

To ensure that your data is in optimal health, we cleanse and enrich it by way of data scrubbing, data de-duplication, data standardization and normalization, and data verification and validation. From identifying incorrect and obsolete information, eliminating inconsistencies, de-duping the entries to appending the records, we deliver it all as part of data cleansing services. Our experts also enhance data quality by adding value to it and providing you with accurate, consistent, complete and up-to-date records.

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Data Conversion Services

Data Conversion Services

SunTec India delivers a full stack of data conversion services, supporting businesses in accurately converting company reports, books, periodicals, images, catalogs, etc., in an easily accessible, editable file format for easy data sharing across the enterprise. Our experts are proficient at converting files from/ to any format or database. Our service spectrum includes XML conversion, PubMed conversion, document conversion, PDF to Word conversion, PDF to Excel conversion, PDF to HTML conversion, JATS XML conversion, HTML conversion, book conversion, document scanning & indexing, and Word formatting services. We maintain 99.95% accuracy and absolute data confidentiality.

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You'll Love Working with DataEntryIndia.in


  • Resource Pool of Trained Professionals

    We have a dedicated team of data entry specialists, equipped with job specific skills, computer literacy and English proficiency, supervised by PMP Certified Project Managers, who work with you, on an on-going basis, for the life of your contract – right from briefing and execution to performance review and reporting.

  • Extensive Portfolio

    We are equipped with full-service capabilities to effectively support businesses of all shapes and sizes, from basic data extraction and data entry all the way through to data processing, web research, data quality management and data conversion services.

  • Data Security

    We completely ensure the security, integrity and confidentiality of your data and business information. DataEntryIndia.in is ISO 27001:2005 Certified for Information Security Management and is equipped with well-established processes of keeping data protected from corruption and unauthorized access.

  • Uncompromising Quality

    Being ISO 9001:2008 Certified for Quality Management, DataEntryIndia.in is committed to deliver high-quality results, regardless of the volume and complexity of data entry and data management projects. Our experts key-in the data with 99.95% accuracy to make it easy for the clients to quickly access and retrieve required information and pace up the decision making process.

  • Global Exposure

    We hold a wealth of experience and in-depth expertise in providing full suite of services to clients in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and other European Countries, Gulf Countries, etc. All our procedures and operating methods follow international standards and best practices, developed under the guidance of industry experts.

  • Agility & Speed-To-Market

    Partnering with us means you can deliver uninterrupted services to your clients with more ease and consistency, and reduced time-to-market. Our teams work 24/7 to address your queries and deliver projects in industry best turnaround time, helping you become leaner, more dynamic and agile, enabling you to meet your KPIs, productivity metrics and reporting schedules.