Data Entry Services/ Data Inputting Services

Having easy access to accurate data is important for businesses of all shapes and stripes for strategic decision making, customer support as well as transaction execution. Offering a complete suite of data entry services, can support you in extracting required information from a myriad of sources and keying-in the details in a suitable file format, server, database or application. We deliver data inputting services in all the major international languages such as English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, etc.

Our data input experts are proficient at capturing data from scores of source files like scanned images, handwritten forms, online applications, survey forms/ questionnaires, books, company reports, etc., and manually entering the details in applicable fields in a database, web application or file format with 99.95% accuracy and in quick turnaround time. Holding in-depth expertise in working with printed, handwritten or typed documents, we can key-in data in file format like MS Excel, MS Word, etc., or database like MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc., or client’s CRM/ ERP software.

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As part of data entry services, we follow double keying and double comparison technique to ensure zero errors in the final outcome. We deploy two data entry operators to work on each project and key-in the data in two separate files, which are later compared against each other. To further detect errors, we carry out character sieves, field edits and multi-field validation to deliver 99.95% accuracy.

Our suite of data inputting services include (but not limited to):

  • Online Data Entry Services

    To provide clients with easy access to pertinent information, we provide online data entry services that include manually feeding CRM and ERP systems like SugarCRM, Vtiger, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, web servers or other online databases with critical details related to the business, competitors, customers, etc. We maintain absolute data security and confidentiality by accessing your data via secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) and ensuring it doesn’t remain on your system.

  • Offline Data Entry Services specializes in offering offline data entry services, aimed at helping global clients extracting data from scanned images and documents and keying-in the entries in a preferred file format like MS Word, MS Excel, Text, CSV, etc. We maintain utmost accuracy across all projects, while capturing and entering data from multiple sources like invoices, business cards, application forms, images, mailing lists, catalogs, etc.

  • Manual Keying Services provides a suite of manual data entry services, engineered to help businesses in capturing data from printed, handwritten or typed documents, and manually keying-in the details in a preferred file format with optimum level of accuracy. Our data input experts follow Double Entry System to deliver error-free files.

  • Scanned Image Data Entry Services

    We provide scanned image data entry services to help businesses in capturing data from images in file formats like PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, etc. and entering in an easy-to-access and editable file format. Our experts can also extract required data from poor resolution, or misfiled images.

  • Book Data Entry Services

    As part of eBook data entry services, our professionals can capture data from digital, hardcopy and paperback books, and key it in a preferred file format like Text, MS Word, MS Excel, etc., while ensuring 99.95% accuracy.

  • Data Capture Services

    With data capture services, experts at can help you digitally extract data from structured, semi-structured or unstructured documents in quick turnaround time. We can accurately capture data from documents like company reports, invoices, applications, bills, directories, receipts, questionnaires, databases, etc.

  • Document Data Entry Services

    Partner with for a complete range of document data entry services, as part of which our experts build a comprehensive database by capturing and keying-in details from tens of hundreds of documents like applications, company reports, invoice forms, questionnaires, etc.

  • Data Entry from Printed/Handwritten Documents

    With handwritten data entry services, we can support you in moving towards a paperless organization by digitizing the data stored in scores of handwritten and printed documents. Our experts can accurately capture details from magazines, books, vouchers, invoices, enrollment forms, applications, manuscripts, journals, etc. and enter it in a file format of your choice.

  • Copy Paste Services

    If you have large volumes of data stored in diverse file formats, we can help you maintain a consistent database by copying and pasting information from one format to another with complete accuracy. Our copy paste services include copying and pasting marketing material, books, references as well as prospects’ details, email addresses, URLs, etc., from one database or file format to another.

  • Catalog Data Entry Services

    To ensure that your eCommerce product catalog is well-populated and updated with all the product information including SKU, Brand, Product Description, Image URL, Price, Attributes, etc., our data entry executives can extract data from hardcopy and scanned catalogs, and manually enter it in a suitable format.

  • Company Reports Data Entry Services

    We provide you easy access to business-critical data by extracting information from company reports and keying them in editable, electronic file. We cater to businesses across diverse industry domains like medical and healthcare, banking and finance, real estate, insurance, marketing, legal, etc.

  • Questionnaires Data Entry Services

    With questionnaire data input services, we aim to provide you easily accessible data – stored in thousands of survey forms and questionnaires. Our experts enter the details in a preferred file format with utmost accuracy and data security.

  • Survey Forms Data Entry Services

    To help businesses make informed strategic decisions by having critical survey data at their fingertips, delivers survey forms data entry services at cost-effective prices. Our data input experts are adroit at extracting data from hardcopy as well as digital survey forms, and entering details in an easy-to-access file format with 99.95% accuracy.

  • Invoice Data Entry Services

    Our data entry operators are conversant with capturing information from hardcopy as well as digital invoices, and manually feeding client’s online database in quick turnaround time. Our service spectrum includes sales and transactions data entry, purchase order data entry, retail invoice data entry, commercial invoice data entry, tax invoice data entry, debit memo data entry, credit memo data entry, etc.

  • Database Data Entry Services

    To make sure that the data stored in your database is easily accessible, provides database data entry services at reasonable prices. We can accurately capture data from all the various databases like MS Access, ASP, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc. and key-in the data in a preferred format.

  • Insurance Claims Data Entry

    With insurance claims data entry services, we can assist you in gathering data from insurance claims forms and entering it in a preferred file format. Our data input experts can collate and key-in data from general insurance, medical insurance, travel insurance, auto insurance, health insurance and several other insurance claims forms.

  • Data Entry from Enrolment Forms

    With enrolment forms data entry services, experts at assist global clients in capturing and manually entering data from scores of enrollment applications with utmost accuracy and in rapid turnaround time.

  • Text & Numeric Data Entry Services

    As part of data inputting services, we assist you in accurately keying-in text and numeric data that includes email addresses, residential and official addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, credit card and debit card details, billing information, shipping details, etc. with utmost precision.

  • Captcha Data Entry Services

    As part of captcha data entry services, we help online businesses in protecting their contact forms, databases and websites from spammers. Our data input experts can efficiently manage scores of captcha entries with complete accuracy and precision.

  • Yellow Pages Data Entry Services

    Offering yellow pages data entry services, assists businesses in entering the contact details of the target audience as well as competitors. We capture and enter information including names, phone numbers, personal and company address, fax number, email address, etc.

  • White Pages Data Entry Services

    We can help you perform data entry from white pages with utmost accuracy, creating a robust database with details like name, email address, phone and fax number, etc., of potential customers and business contacts.

  • Legal Documents Data Entry

    Offering legal documents data entry services, we help lawyers, attorneys, legal professionals, enterprises and agencies in capturing pertinent information from leases, wills and trusts, employment documents, housing documents, foreclosures, etc., and manually feeding the details in a suitable file format like CSV, Text, MS Excel, MS Word, etc.

  • Directories Data Entry Services

    With telephone directories data entry services, we can help you create a comprehensive, up-to-date database with accurate contact details of prospects. Our experts can key-in data from multiple sources like yellow/ white pages, online/ offline business directories, residential directories, etc.

  • Website Data Entry Services

    With internet data input services, aims to support businesses of all shapes and sizes in gathering data from specified websites and keying-in the details in a preferred file format like MS Word, MS Excel, Text, CSV, etc.

  • Data Entry from Dictionaries, Manuals & Encyclopedia

    Our range of encyclopedias, manuals and dictionaries data entry services is aimed at supporting businesses in extracting word-meanings, definitions, facts and figures, etc., and entering the details in a suitable format like Text, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, HTML, etc.

  • Data Entry for Mailing Lists

    With mailing lists data input services, we support businesses in extracting and keying-in the contact details of potential customers from mail returns, subscription forms, business directories, alumni lists, etc., into easily accessible file format. We create accurate and up-to-date email lists, helping marketing personnel in targeting the right set of customers and boosting conversion rates.

  • Salesforce Data Entry

    With Salesforce data input services, experts at can help you maintain and update your Salesforce software with customer and sales data with optimum level of accuracy.

  • SugarCRM Data Entry

    If you use SugarCRM to engage with customers, and track & manage marketing activities, let help you boost customer engagement and conversion rates with SugarCRM data entry services. We key-in the details with 99.95% accuracy.

  • Microsoft Dynamics Data Entry

    To help businesses in efficiently managing and regularly updating their Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our team of experts capture and enter critical customer and business details in the system within the stipulated time-frame.

  • Remote/VPN Data Entry

    To help global clients in managing robust databases while maintaining absolute data security & confidentiality, we provide a complete range of remote/ VPN data entry services. Our experts use secure VPNs to access client’s system and perform data entry with complete accuracy.

  • Vouchers Data Entry

    With vouchers data entry services, we help businesses in capturing details from cash, non-cash, payment, receipt and other types of vouchers, and presenting the data in an easily accessible file format. Our data entry specialists can accurately key-in details pertaining to foreign funds, assets, sales tax, etc.

  • Coupons Data Entry

    With coupons data input services, we support global clientele in managing and updating coupon feeds at regular intervals. Our experts extract and enter details from coupons like coupon number, discount, deals, price, free shipping, etc.

  • Medical Data Entry Services offers medical/ healthcare data entry services to hospitals, clinics, medical practitioners, doctors and healthcare organizations, helping them gain easy access to valuable data, stored in patients’ records, patients’ medical history, medical transcriptions, clinical records, etc.

  • PDF to Excel Data Entry

    With PDF to Excel data entry services, we can help you extract and enter pertinent data from thousands of PDF files into Excel spreadsheets with optimum level of accuracy. Our data input specialists have a thorough understanding of MS Excel, helping you key-in data cells, manage workbooks, audit worksheets, etc.

  • Appraisal Forms Data Entry

    Offering a broad range of appraisal forms data entry services, supports real estate agents, property dealers, property appraisers and others in managing and updating appraisal reports in software like WinTOTAL, ACI Reports, a la mode, ClickFORMS, Aurora, AppraiseIT, etc.

  • Foreclosure Data Entry

    With foreclosure data entry services, we help real estate agents, realtors, lending institutions, housing authorities, financial institutions, etc., in collating and entering details like property owner’s name, postal address, legal description and financial details with 99.95% accuracy.

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Adhering to stringent security norms, we are committed to maintaining absolute data security and confidentiality. Our data entry experts use secure VPN or FTP access your business-critical data.

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