Data Standardization Services

Without standard data values in your customer records, business lists and online and offline databases, you may be sending emails to bad addresses, wasting your email marketing efforts or even losing customers altogether. With’s data standardization services, you can get a standardized database that ensures that your data can be shared across the enterprise, without any discrepancy.

Regardless of how your customers filled the contact forms on your website, how data entry executive in your organization entered data or how data was imported in CRM or ERP systems, our dedicated team of professionals can efficiently standardize data, while maintaining absolute data confidentiality. Our experts perform data standardization at a very detailed level to make sure that you have easy access to clean and consistent data, consisting of variables that are in proportion with each other.

Data Standardization Services at Key Features delivers a complete range of data standardization services to provide clear data that the users can easily understand, while ensuring it is consistent and reliable so that it can be searched and identified using common terminology and format. Using a combination of advanced data cleansing and matching techniques, our experts meticulously standardize terms, phrases as well as specific attributes within the dataset, regardless of the volume and complexity.

When you outsource data standardization services to, our experts change text cases and standardize customer databases as well as business enterprise applications, consisting of the following information:

  • Customer’s name and address data
  • State and country name
  • Product data including product IDs, brands, catalog numbers, models, etc.
  • Company name
  • Contact numbers
  • Business data
  • Financial data
  • Job titles
  • Inputs in CRM, ERP and other online systems
  • Data Universal Number System (DUNS) and Tax Identification Number (TIN) numbers

With data standardization services, we cater to diverse industry verticals such as insurance, real estate, banking and finance, medical, legal, human resource, etc.

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