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Yellow Pages Data Entry Services

To help business owners in gaining easy access to contact information about potential clients, competitors and organizations across different sectors, DataEntryIndia provides yellow pages data entry services at cost-effective prices. Our team of data entry specialists are proficient at capturing all the pertinent details from yellow pages, a telephone directory, and entering them in an easily accessible file format like Excel, Word, etc.

As part of yellow pages entry services, we collate required information from yellow pages, verify the details and enter them in an Excel sheet, CSV file or spreadsheet with 99.95% accuracy and complete data security.

DataEntryIndia’s Yellow Pages Data Entry Services: An Overview

With our yellow pages data entry services, we cater to diverse industry verticals like real estate, legal, healthcare, insurance, financial and banking, market research, etc., assisting entrepreneurs in creating comprehensive business and mailing lists that contain contact details of the target audience. Our yellow pages data entry specialists manually key-in the information in a variety of formats like DOC, XLS, TEXT, HTML, etc.

Our yellow pages entry services include:

  • Data Research

    Taking in account your project specifications and criteria, our yellow pages data entry experts look for required data in yellow pages.

  • Scanning

    We use latest scanners to scan hardcopy files and convert them into digitized documents.

  • OCR

    Employing Optical Character Recognition technology, our experts capture data from scanned documents while ensuring 99.95% accuracy.

  • Data Entry

    Our yellow pages data entry specialists manually key-in the information in a preferred file format with utmost precision.

  • Proofreading

    The final deliverable is proofread and verified against reliable sources to ensure that the file is error-free

Our Quality Assurance (QA) professionals also run rigorous quality checks to ensure superior quality output. Committed to maintaining absolute data confidentiality, we transfer the files using secure FTPs/ VPNs.

Yellow Pages Entry Services: Key Application Areas

Performing data entry from yellow pages, our experts capture and enter the following information:

  • Prospect’s/ Company’s Name
  • Telephone numbers
  • Fax numbers
  • Addresses
  • Email ids
  • Website URLs
  • Brands/ Products/ Services

And a lot more!

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