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Populating an eCommerce store with thousands of products is a time-consuming task, especially if you have to update the detail at frequent intervals. With a comprehensive range of Shopify data entry services, aims to support online merchants in regularly managing and updating their Shopify-powered stores with all the pertinent product information including SKUs, titles, product IDs, descriptions, features, attributes, technical specifications (if any), unique identifiers, images, prices, shipping details, and a lot more.

As part of Shopify product data entry services, our experts collate information from a variety of sources like manual catalog, manufacturer’s sites, competitor’s websites, and several others to enter the details in an Excel sheet, CSV file or spreadsheet, as per client’s specific requirements. We can create comprehensive product catalogs by manually keying-in product-related information for your Shopify stores with 99.95% accuracy.

Rich Array of Shopify Data Entry Services at DataEntryIndia: An Overview

Well-managed and updated product catalogs help in informing the customers about the USPs of goods sold, thus leading to increased product sales and conversion rates.’s Shopify product upload services are aimed to do just that! Our Shopify data entry specialists maintain utmost accuracy while entering product details in a file for processing in the back-end system of your eStore.

Our range of Shopify data entry and product upload services include:

  • Product Research

    To provide accurate product information to online shoppers, our product data entry experts conduct a thorough product research about each item to find out more about product features and specifications.

  • Product Data Entry

    We key-in the product details including SKUs/ UPCs, product names, manufacturer information, brand name, descriptions, image URLs, prices, quantity, availability status, promotional offers, attributes, etc., with utmost accuracy.

  • Product Category Management

    After collating multi-faceted product information, we classify the products in appropriate categories and sub-categories that make it easy for the visitors to locate the item they wish to buy.

  • Product Description Writing and Editing

    As part of product data upload services, our eCommerce copywriters create informative, engaging and precise product descriptions that compel the visitors to complete the purchase. We also make sure that the descriptions contain mostly-searched keywords that help you gain better rank in search engines.

  • Product Image Editing

    Having easy access to the latest photo editing tools, our image editors enhance the quality of your product images – ensuring they are clear and attractive. Our product image editing services include resizing/ cropping, background change/ removal, color, contrast and brightness adjustment, image masking and much more.

  • Product Attributes Data Entry

    Our product data entry experts also enter product attributes like color, weight, size, style, quantity, material, etc., ensuring that the information is complete to the last detail.

  • Shopify Back Office Support Services

    We also offer value-added Shopify back office support services that encompass order processing, inventory management, cross-selling and up-selling, and 24/7 online chat support.

Holding cross-industry experience, we cater to online retailers selling products across a diverse categories like consumer electronics, sports goods, medical equipment, apparels and accessories, baby products, home and furniture, etc.

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