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Locating and managing large volumes of data is a persistent challenge faced by business owners across diverse industries. With XML conversion, DataEntryIndia.in can simplify the task by representing your business-critical information in XML markup language and facilitating data sharing across databases and information systems, through the internet.

Having a dedicated team of XML conversion specialists, we are adept at working with digital file formats such as MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, comma separated values (CSV), tab separated values, ASCII, etc. and converting the files into XML format and vice-versa with 99.95% accuracy.

DataEntryIndia.in’s XML Conversion Services: Key Features

As a XML conversion company, DataEntryIndia.in supports businesses of all shapes and sizes in creating and converting documents in XML file format that facilitates data exchange, web publishing as well as content management. We cater to diverse domains like education, banking and finance, insurance, legal, real estate, marketing, etc. to help them convert scores of digital documents into XML format, and vice-versa.

Our experts have thorough knowledge of XML language that enables them to convert your documents into XML format with complete accuracy and precision. We make sure that the elements of your original source documents including layout, formatting styles, structure, graphics, links, indexes, etc. are preserved in when converting the files into XML format. We can seamlessly work with all XML versions such as XSD (XML Schema Definition) and DTD (Document Type Definition).

Our range of XML Conversion Services include:

  • HTML to XML conversion
  • XHTML to XML conversion
  • Word to XML conversion
  • Excel to XML conversion
  • PDF to XML conversion
  • Text to XML conversion
  • SGML to XML conversion
  • Binary to XML conversion
  • CSV to XML conversion
  • XML to PDF conversion
  • XML to Word conversion
  • XML to HTML conversion
  • XML to CSV conversion
  • XML to XLS conversion
  • XML to SQL conversion

And a lot more!

After the files are converted into XML format, our Quality Assurance professionals carry out rigorous quality checks to ensure zero errors in the file. We also adhere to strict security norms and protocols to maintain absolute data security and confidentiality.

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