Online Data Entry Services provides a complete suite of online data entry services to support enterprises in creating reliable, accurate and standardized databases. Backed by 20 years of experience, a dedicated team of data entry specialists and cutting-edge technologies, we are adept at keying-in large volumes of data in diverse languages like English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, etc.

Our online data entry executives help right from collating data from a multitude of sources including unstructured and semi-structured forms, to entering the details in client’s online database, remote servers, CRMs/ ERPs or internet-based applications. We use high-speed internet connections, firewalls and updated antivirus software, ensuring utmost data security and confidentiality.

Web Based Data Entry Services at DataEntryIndia: A Glimpse

Whether the online data entry project involves keying-in data from a web-based product catalog, filling online survey forms and questionnaires, or manually feeding client’s Content Management System (CMS), we can perform the task while ensuring 99.95% accuracy. As part of online data entry services, we support in entering details in online databases for banks, universities/ educational institutions, government agencies, airlines, realtors, market research companies, legal firms, direct mailing list providers, etc.

Our data entry experts can access your database through remote-access VPN to establish safe connection with the computer networks, without compromising on security. Housing a dedicated team of data entry executives, we make sure that the final deliverable is error-free and up-to-date.

Online Data Entry Services: Key Application Areas

  • Online data entry of images
  • Online data capture services
  • Online order entry and processing
  • Online data entry of legal data
  • Online data entry in international languages
  • Online data entry from handwritten /printed/ typed documents to any database format
  • Online copying, pasting, categorizing and indexing data from a multitude of sources
  • Online data entry for journals, eBooks, eMagazines and other internet-based publications
  • Online data entry of insurance claim forms and claims payments
  • Online data entry of medical claim forms, medical documents, patients’ notes, etc.
  • Web content research
  • Data mining in web-based databanks and, CRM & ERP systems
  • Web based data entry and indexing of vouchers, invoices, tax receipts, coupons, bills, etc
  • Online data entry of subscriptions
  • Online data entry and indexing of business cards
  • Online entry of customer feedback forms
  • Online data import/ export in different databases
  • Web based data entry for handwritten votes, opinion polls, cards entries
  • Online filling up and execution of surveys and survey forms
  • Web based indexed document retrieval services
  • Internet based data entry of checks and debit & credit cards as well as their applications
  • Online product data entry and bulk product upload services for eCommerce stores, online data entry of shipping details, product registration cards, etc.

When you outsource online data entry services to DataEntryIndia, we make sure that the information is keyed-in with utmost accuracy and it is current and complete to the last detail.

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