Document Conversion Services delivers the processes and technology that enables business owners to meet the needs of modern technology today and in the future by having easy-to-access electronic files. Housing a dedicated team of document conversion professionals, we support businesses of all shapes and sizes in converting their hardcopy documents and scanned images into electronic, editable file formats that can be easily accessed by the users.

We are proficient at converting complex content from one format to any target structured or unstructured file format, regardless of the project’s volume or level of complexity. Our automated process, combined with technical expertise and quality assurance ensures that the documents in formats like Word, Excel, Access, Text, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, etc., are converted accurately and in quick turnaround time.

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Providing a rich array of document conversion services at competitive prices, supports businesses across diverse industries in converting backfiles and fragile documents in a suitable format, while efficiently digitizing and organizing the data to ensure it is easy to retrieve. Our experts can deftly convert thousands of hardcopy files and scanned documents into a file format of your choice. Listed below are our key application areas:

  • Application forms
  • Enrolment forms
  • Insurance claims forms
  • Medical claims
  • Books
  • Questionnaires/ survey forms
  • Magazines
  • Journals
  • Periodicals
  • Legal documents
  • Debit card/ credit card-related documents
  • Bank statements

And much more!

Document Conversion Services at Key Features

When you outsource document conversion services to us, we help our clients in converting PDF files to DOC, PDF files to Excel, Excel sheets to HTML, PSD files to XHTML, Word documents to TIFF, etc., depending on client’s specific needs and requirements.

Our document conversion service spectrum include:

  • Document Scanning

    Our experts have access to advanced scanning tools like overhead, flatbed and handheld scanners to scan the hardcopy files in quick turnaround time.

  • OCR

    We employ Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools like Abby Fine reader, Omnipage, etc. to identify and capture data from scanned images and convert it into searchable, electronic text. We provide the output in a preferred file format

  • Document Conversion

    Our professionals convert the digital documents in a suitable file format like .doc, .txt, .pdf, .jpg, .xlsx, .gif, .tiff, .xml, etc. with 99.95% accuracy.

  • Document Indexing

    To make it easy for the users to locate critical information just in time, our experts sort, label and index the documents in accordance to the data stored in them.

Furthermore, our Quality Assurance professionals carry out rigorous quality checks to ensure accuracy and error-free outcome. is fully equipped to handle all types of document conversion and scanning projects such as large scale and projects that require white-glove handling to scan and convert old and fragile documents. Our services are aimed at helping you not only convert pre-existing documents into electronic formats but also archive your business-critical data to maximize the ability to store, access and retrieve required information, whenever the need arises.

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