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As an email marketer, your top-most priority is to get your emails delivered to customer’s inbox without fail. Partner with for a complete range of email validation services, aimed at helping you garner better results from email marketing campaigns as well as saving you from getting blacklisted by ISPs. With advanced email validation tools coupled with manual processes, we verify and validate the email addresses to make sure that the emails don’t bounce or end up as non-existent or invalid.

We understand that a marginal difference in mailing list quality can lead to a major difference in the email marketing results, thus helping you clean the lists, identify and remove incorrect, invalid, not-in-use, duplicates and potential bounces to ensure that the email addresses are accurate, complete and current. Our email validation services are aimed at lowering the number of spam complaints, email bounces and spam traps as well as increasing clicks, opens and conversions.

What do we verify?

  • Format: For example:
  • Domain: For example: abcd@new.york, which is not valid
  • User: Find out if the user and the mailbox exists or not

E-Mail Validation Services at An Overview

With our range of e-mail validation services, we help you increase the inbox delivery rate by removing bad, invalid or fraudulent email IDs and providing you existing, accurate and verified mailing lists. Our experts determine dead domain names, typographical errors in email addresses and invalid IDs to help you target your audience, maintain sender reputation with Internet Services Providers (ISPs) and improve performance of email marketing campaigns.

As part of email verification and email validation services, we check the following:

  • Syntax Verification

    Our experts thoroughly check the mailing lists to ensure that the format of each email address is valid and is according to Internet IETF standards. The domain must not start with hyphen, the email address must include the ‘@’ sign, and the ‘dots’ must be in the correct sequence.

  • Email Correction

    We rectify misspellings and typographical errors, preventing lost opportunities. Our experts also eliminate bogus email IDs from the lists.

  • Proprietary Domain

    Our experts check domains of all the email addresses to ensure that the domain servers are valid.

  • Thorough Spam Trap Suppression

    Our professionals identify and remove invalid domains, spam complainers, spam traps, malicious entries, fraudulent addresses and honeypots from the mailing lists.

When the email validation process is complete, we provide you with a clean, verified and valid email list, thus maximizing the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns and protecting your sender reputation.

With, Your Email Lists are Complete Secure! Our priority is to protect your data from loss and against unauthorized access. So, we adhere to strict security norms and protocols to maintain complete data confidentiality and protect the information from unauthorized use.

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