Data De-duplication Services

For businesses these days, data volumes are increasing exponentially, leading to a demand of more storage space. DataEntryIndia’s data de-duplication services are aimed at supporting companies in shrinking storage requirements by eliminating duplicates and redundant data from the files that lead to errors in analysis, reporting and business decisions.

Our experts identify duplicate chunks, and follow data matching, data merging and data purging techniques to remove duplicate copies of repeating data and make sure that there is only one single copy of each entry.

Data De-duplication Services at An Overview

To help business owners de-dupe critical data to save storage space, lower email marketing costs and not miss on the potential customers, provides a complete suite of data de-duplication services at cost-efficient prices. Our experts create a valuable set of unique records that streamline business processes and facilitates strategic decision making. We are adept at managing large volumes of data de-duplication projects, irrespective of the level of intricacy.

As part of data de-duplication services, we follow the below-listed process and provide our clients with unique data:

  • Data matching

    Information in all types of records, whether business, financial or customer, is filtered and matched to ascertain duplicate entries.

  • Data merging

    Similar data is merged from the original source files. This helps in getting rid of scattered entries.

  • Data purging

    To ensure that the data is clean and efficient, our experts identify and remove unwanted information from the records.

Furthermore, our Quality Assurance (QA) team runs quality control checks to ensure that the data is free of from duplicates, errors and discrepancies.’s Data De-duplication Services: Key Application Areas

Our experts can help you de-dupe the following records with utmost ease and accuracy:

  • Business records
  • Name and address data of customers
  • Mailing lists
  • Contact data of lawyers, attorneys and other legal professionals
  • Financial data
  • Contact details of realtors, property dealers, real estate agents, etc.
  • Students’ information

And much more!

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