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Businesses require accurate and up-to-date data that helps them make the right decisions and create an effective marketing strategy. With our data scrubbing services, we provide our global clients with just that. From reviewing business, financial and customer records, to updating the data at regular basis and ensuring that the data is up to scratch, our data cleansing services comprise of them all.

Building on thousand years of combined experience, our experts fill gaps and add value to client’s database, ensuring that their business-critical data is accurate, consistent, privacy-compliant and updated. We employ best-in-class practices and support business owners in gaining competitive edge in the market, improving response rates and reducing mailing costs by having easy access to correct, complete and current data and using it to create effective marketing campaigns.

Our data cleansing experts can enrich and organize huge volumes of business-critical data in CSV file, Excel sheet, MS-SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc., and online databases like ERP and CRM systems (SugarCRM, Salesforce, Saleslogix, Sage CRM, vTiger, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Oracle CRM, etc.)’s Wide Range of Data Scrubbing Services: An Overview

Our deep domain expertise enables us to deliver data cleansing services across diverse industries such as banking and finance, marketing, real estate, legal, education, healthcare, telecommunication and several others. We make sure that your product catalogs, mailing lists, part and material files, etc. are clean, accurate and complete that enables marketers to better target their campaigns.

From cleaning the records, adding missing information, removing duplicate entries to updating the data at frequent intervals, our experts do it all with complete accuracy. As part of data scrubbing services, we remove incorrect, inaccurate and irrelevant information, rectify spelling and typographical errors, append missing details, match, merge and purge duplicate entries, standardize and normalize data, verify and validate client’s contact information as well as format the data to ensure it is easy-to-understand and access, as and when required. Our experts meticulously work to improve the quality of your business records, helping you gain valuable insights, make strategic decisions and reach out to the target market just in time.

When you outsource data cleansing services to, our experts:

  • Assess and Audit Data

    With an optimum blend of advanced data cleansing tools and manual intervention, our experts review and cleanse the records by identifying and eliminating typographical, spelling and grammatical errors and removing obsolete and outdated data.

  • Cleanse and update mailing lists

    To help our global clients in targeting the right set of customers, our data scrubbing professionals cleanse B2B as well as B2C mailing lists by removing not-in-use email ids, unsubscribe requests, bounced emails and inactive subscribers. If required, we can also help entrepreneurs in updating the mailing lists by finding authentic contact details from reliable online sources like business directories, blogs, forums, social media sites, etc.

  • De-duplicate Data

    If your data contains duplicate entries, we can help you de-dupe the database by matching, merging and purging the records, thus supporting you in saving storage space as well as outbound communication costs.

  • Append Records

    As part of data cleansing services, we can also append the records by adding missing details and ensure that the information is complete and current.

  • Normalize and Standardize Entries

    To make sure that your business-critical records are consistent, our experts reformat, normalize and standardize the data, in accordance to your specific requirements.

  • Verify and validate data

    After the data is formatted, it is cross-checked for authenticity against primary reliable sources of information.

Further, our experts also review the database for any errors or missing information to make sure that the final deliverable is accurate and complete.

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