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The more accurate and authentic information you have about your customers, partners, competitors and other organizations, the more effective your marketing campaigns will be. With data verification and data validation services, provides you just that. We can help you improve the quality of your business and customer records by verifying and validating each entry against reliable sources of information, both internal and external.

Our service spectrum includes Address Verification, Email Verification and Phone Number Verification, ensuring that you can reach out to your across the globe. Our experts hold rich experience and expertise in verifying international phone numbers, addresses and name data to help you improve delivery efficiency, boost customer communications and reduce mailing costs. We provide you accurate, complete and up-to-date customer contact details and business data that improves delivery rates.

Data Validation and Data Verification Services at An Overview

As part of data verification and data validation services, our professionals verify and validate the contact details including names, residential and official addresses, email IDs, phone numbers, fax numbers, zip codes, etc. We use advanced tools to review and cross-check the data across online as well as offline sources so that you can connect with your customers confidently while reducing operational costs.

Our data validation and data verification services include:

    Address Verification

    To ensure that a mailing reaches its addresses, our experts authenticate the accuracy of your customers’ residential and official addresses by parsing, verifying, rectifying and formatting the addresses in accordance to the local postal standards of the country.

    Email Verification

    To boost your email marketing campaigns and make sure that the emails do not end up in the junk folder of your prospects, we cleanse and verify the email addresses. Our experts ensure that the email IDs are correctly formatted, the domains are valid, and the ID, from one side of the @ to the other, is valid. Our email verification services are aimed at protecting sender reputation, increasing deliverability of message and improving the overall email marketing performance.

    Phone Number Validation

    We also provide phone number verification services that include validating and verifying the contact numbers of your customers to boost your sales, marketing and customer services efforts. Our experts validate the phone numbers and ensure you can connect with your prospects, as and when required. holds a wealth of experience in delivering data validation and data verification services to international partners in the USA, the US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, etc. Our experts follow automatic as well as manual data verification process to ensure 99.95% accuracy.

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