Data Entry from Printed/
Handwritten Documents

Is your business-critical data trapped in printed documents, or written in cursive handwriting? can help you convert it into electronic data that is easy to access and retrieve. With our complete range of printed/ handwritten documents data entry services, we assist businesses of all shapes and sizes in keying-in pertinent information from printed and handwritten records into a suitable file format.

Our dedicated and expert team of data entry specialists, editors and proofreaders is adept at performing data entry from unstructured handwritten and printed documents by capturing data from large volumes of documents like invoices, resumes, journals, books, insurance claims, medical records, vouchers, instruction manuals, etc. and manually feeding the details in electronic formats like Word, Excel, HTML, XML, etc. We maintain utmost data security and confidentiality, delivering you files through secure VPNs/ FTPs.

A Wide Range of Handwritten Data Entry Services/ Printed Documents Data Entry Services at

Our handwritten/ printed documents data entry services are aimed at supporting entrepreneurs in converting paperwork into computer-usable form so that users can access the information easily and quickly. Our data entry experts use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools to capture data from printed documents and arrange it in a file format of your choice. Holding rich experience in performing data entry from handwritten as well as printed documents, we are proficient at extracting information from hand-printed, machine-printed and cursive text, stored in a wide range of documents.

As part of printed and handwritten documents data entry services, we help our global clients in:

  • Managing and digitizing huge volumes of business-critical data, stored in vouchers, bills, application forms, enrolment forms, books, journals, magazines, newsletters, etc.
  • Capturing key information from a variety of formats hardcopy files, computer-printed text, images, PDFs, etc.
  • Entering the data in a suitable file format like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, etc., with 99.95% accuracy and in quick turnaround time
  • Verifying the entered data against source files and conducting quality checks to ensure zero errors

With handwritten and printed data entry services, we cater to diverse industry verticals like universities and educational institutions, real estate, legal, publication houses, insurance, finance, libraries, etc.

Data Entry from Handwritten/ Printed Documents: Key Application Areas

Our range of handwritten data entry services include:

  • Data entry from invoices, vouchers and memos
  • Data entry from survey forms/ questionnaires
  • Data entry from accounts sheets
  • Data entry from legal documents
  • Data entry from research-based documents
  • Data entry of medical reports

And many more!

Our range of printed data entry services include:

  • Data entry from books, magazines, manuals and dictionaries
  • Data entry from yellow pages
  • Data entry from company directories
  • Data entry from journals
  • Data entry from periodicals
  • Data entry from encyclopedias
  • Data entry from business cards

And several others!

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