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Foreclosure Data Entry Services specializes in delivering a full spectrum of foreclosure data entry services, aimed at supporting realtors, lending institutions, real estate agents, title insurers, financial institutions, housing authorities, etc. We have a dedicated team of foreclosure data entry specialists, adept at extracting pertinent details from HUD provided local level data, documents of Deed of Trust & Federal Tax Liens available on county clerk websites, and other online sources

Our experts pay attention to detail while drawing out information like lot acreages, property owner’s name, address, legal description as well as financial details including estimated value, loan type, loan amount, expiry date, etc., and keying-in the data in client’s foreclosure management system or preferred file format like MS Excel, MS Word, Text, etc.

Foreclosure Data Entry Services at Key Features

As part of foreclosure listing services, we help global clients in creating robust records with complete details such as pre-foreclosures, foreclosures, rent to own, short sales, sheriff sales, bankruptcies, etc., with complete accuracy. Our experts can efficiently capture pertinent details to create listings for HUD foreclosures, VA foreclosures, pre-foreclosure properties, tax foreclosure properties as well as bank foreclosure properties.

Furthermore, we can also download foreclosure referrals from sites like Vendorscape, Lenstar, NewTrak,, Clarifire, etc., provided you share your account details or send the complete referral package via email. Our foreclosure data entry specialists are adroit at collating data from the following documents and keying-in an easy-to-access file format:

  • Homeowner documents
  • Uniform Borrower Assistance Form
  • Enrollment forms
  • Judicial foreclosure form
  • Notice of default
  • Borrower Financial Statement
  • Third Party Authorization Form

And more!

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We have an optimum blend of resources including expert foreclosure data entry specialists, advanced technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure to deliver foreclosure entry services worldwide with 99.95% accuracy. Our experts adhere to stringent security protocols to ensure complete data safety and confidentiality.

When you outsource foreclosure entry services to us, we also help you verify and validate the information entered in the referral package including tax figures, judgments, status of property lien, lien position, subordinate liens, etc.

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