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With its range of lease abstraction services, provides real estate agents, property dealers, lease administrators and realtors with key business, financial and legal information stored in a commercial real estate lease. Our team of lease abstract experts aggregates relevant lease information to enable clients in managing a portfolio of leases with complete ease and accuracy. We draw out details from “dates and dollars” provision of a real estate lease such as commencement, expiration and renewal term along with rents, operating expenses, and square footages.

Aimed at helping global clients in easily and quickly reviewing pertinent lease details, our lease data abstraction services include creating a clear and concise master summary of relevant information along with referenced section headings’s Broad Range of Lease Abstraction Services: An Overview

Offering a complete suite of lease data abstraction services, we provide an accurate overview of key business, financial and legal details from commercial real estate leases to support clients in making effective acquisition decisions. Our experts read, review and summarize lease information, while paying meticulous attention to all the provisions, financial obligations and other data.

As part of lease data abstraction services, we help you gain easy access to key lease information from all types of leases such as retail, industrial, office or any other. Our experts research and draw out the following details:

Operational Data

  • Landlord, tenant, property address, floor number, sublease, rentable square feet, etc.
  • Terms of lease like commencement, expiration, rent for renewal, etc.
  • Options of lease purchase, expansion, renewal, contraction, relocation, termination, etc.
  • Terms of use like permission, prohibition, co-tenancy, restrictions, etc.
  • Legal notices including tenant, landlord, default notices, etc.

Financial Data

  • Rent details including security deposit, rent per square feet, renewal, abatement, outstanding, late deposit, etc.
  • Additional rental fee, repairs and maintenance, property taxes, common area maintenance (CAM) fees, insurance, etc.

Our lease abstract process includes the following steps:

  • Scanning lease documents
  • Capturing lease data from scanned images
  • Reviewing the lease file including supporting and ancillary materials
  • Summarizing key provisions in a clear and concise language
  • Presenting the data in a customized lease abstraction template
  • Delivering lease abstract reports in a suitable file format like MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, or client’s proprietary software

Further, our team of Quality Assurance professionals review the summarized data to ensure utmost accuracy and precision.

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