Invoice Forms Data Entry Services

Businesses of all shapes and sizes prepare and receive scores of invoices every day, thus making it essential to ensure that the details in the invoices are easily accessible, as and when required. With invoice data entry services, DataEntryIndia makes it easier for entrepreneurs to manage large volumes of invoices in diverse layouts with utmost deftness and dexterity.

From extracting pertinent details like customer name, customer telephone number, quantity, price, shipping charges, etc., to entering the data in a suitable file format, our invoice data processing and data entry service spectrum comprise of it all. Our invoice data entry specialists are adept at working with handwritten, typed or computer-printed invoices, ensuring complete accuracy as well as confidentiality.

Invoice Forms Data Entry Services at DataEntryIndia: Key Features

To support businesses in making a robust database of customer information, products sold, products purchased, etc., DataEntryIndia delivers a complete range of invoice forms data processing services to diverse sectors such as retail, banking, financing, manufacturing, healthcare, property, etc. Our invoice forms data entry specialists can efficiently extract data from paper-based as well as electronic invoices and input the information in an easy-to-access file format like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, or any other format of your choice.

We use Optical Character Recognition technology to capture data from an invoice like name and contact details of buyer and seller, invoice number, date, amount, item, quantity, tax, discount (if any), etc. Our invoice forms data entry experts follow Double Entry System to ensure 99.95% accuracy in all the projects.

Our Invoice Forms Processing and Data Entry Services include:

  • Preparing hard-copy invoices by unfolding, removing staple pins, etc.
  • Using the latest scanners to scan the documents
  • Employing OCR technique to capture data from scanned images
  • Keying-in the data from handwritten, printed and typed invoices
  • Manually verifying and correcting the data entered in the files
  • Once the errors are rectified, the file is exported to client’s accounting software's database

With an optimum blend of the latest data capture technology and manual intervention, we make sure that every detail held on your invoices are efficiently processed and entered in a file format of your choice.

Invoice Forms Data Entry Services: Key Application Services

  • Standard invoice
  • Self-billing invoice
  • Debit and credit memos
  • Sales and purchase invoice
  • Pro-forma invoice
  • Interest invoice
  • Tax invoice
  • Utility invoice
  • Time-sheet and statement
  • Recurring invoice
  • Commercial invoice
  • Progress invoice
  • Miscellaneous Invoice

And several others!

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