Handwritten Data Entry Services

To support businesses in lightening the load of paper-based documents and decreasing their environmental print, DataEntryIndia.in offers handwritten data entry services to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. We are equipped with a highly competent team of data entry specialists who support right from scanning hardcopy documents to extracting and keying-in pertinent details in a preferred file format, with 99.95% accuracy and complete data confidentiality.

Our experts are proficient at working in all the major International languages such as English, French, German, Dutch, and Italian, and supporting diverse industry verticals including Finance and Banking, Real Estate, Education, Medical and Healthcare, Legal, Insurance, Non-Profit Organizations, etc.

DataEntryIndia.in’s Handwritten Data Entry Services: An Overview

With handwritten documents data entry services, DataEntryIndia.in aims to help businesses of all shapes and stripes in digitizing handwritten files and making it easy for entrepreneurs to access required information just in time. Our data entry specialists follow Double Data Entry System, wherein two experts work individually to key-in the given data in different files, which are further compared against each other to ensure utmost accuracy and precision.

Our handwritten data entry services include:

  • Collating pertinent data from all the handwritten forms
  • Using Optical Character Recognition technique to capture data from hardcopy documents
  • Manually entering the details in a file format like MS Excel, MS Word, Text, CSV, etc., or client’s database/ web-based application
  • Verifying and validating the details entered
  • Running rigorous quality checks to ensure that the files are accurate and error-free

We can efficiently handle fragile, delicate, and archival documents, delivering you 99.95% accurate data in a suitable file format like MS Excel, CSV, Text, MS Word, MS Access, etc. Our data entry experts can recognize handwritten data in paper-based files, digital documents, images, etc.

Handwritten Data Entry Services: Key Application Areas

Our experts can collate and manually enter details from the following handwritten documents:

  • Archives
  • Account Sheets
  • Research Documents
  • Medical Reports
  • Insurance Claim Forms
  • Application Forms
  • Physician/ Doctor Prescriptions
  • Invoices, Vouchers and Business Cards
  • Financial Documents
  • Resumes/ CVs
  • Survey Forms/ Questionnaires
  • Legal Documents
  • Address Books
  • Dictionaries/ Manuals

And several others!

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