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OCR Data Cleansing Services

When you use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools to capture data from scanned images that contain computer-printed or typewritten text, there are chances that it would not be able to read the content correctly, thus leading to errors. With OCR clean up services, DataEntryIndia.in aims to assist business owners in improving the accuracy of text recognition by cleaning the digital documents for better readability.

As part of our OCR cleaning services, we identify errors and inconsistencies in huge volumes of electronic documents and scanned images, while maintaining 99.95% accuracy. We combine rich experience, in-depth domain expertise and proven techniques to clean the OCR-generated text and make sure that your data is accurate, consistent and complete to the last detail

OCR Cleaning Services at DataEntryIndia.in: An Overview

Offering a wide spectrum of OCR clean up services, we aim to provide an easy access to accurate OCR output that facilitates your decision making process, boosts email marketing campaigns and reduces administrative costs. Our experts follow a focused approach to proofread and rectify misread words, misspellings and errors related to layout & format, thereby ensuring complete accuracy and reducing the risk of losing information from the original documents.

As part of OCR data cleansing services, our experts take the following steps:

  • Compare original source files against the OCR-captured text to identify errors
  • Proofread and rectify misread characters and words
  • Remove blank pages, punch holes and black borders
  • Correct data in footnotes, tables and graphs
  • Conduct quality checks to ensure 99.95% accuracy

When you outsource OCR cleansing services to us, our well-trained professionals will also help you reduce the OCR error rates by 70-80%. For instance: If there are 40 errors on a page of 2000 characters, we can reduce them to 5-8.

OCR Cleaning Services: Key Application Areas

With our OCR clean up services, we support businesses of all shapes and sizes in efficiently reproducing handwritten, typed or printed text in digital formats and rectifying errors in OCR output to ensure complete accuracy and precision. Our key application areas include:

  • Handwritten materials
  • Questionnaires/ Survey Forms
  • Books
  • Manuals
  • Journals
  • Periodicals
  • Medical forms
  • Insurance claim forms
  • Directories
  • Magazines
  • Bill remittance forms

And much more!

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