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Market research survey forms contain vital data about customers, products and services, competitors as well as the target market, making it essential to manage and process the forms and turn data into richer insights. specializes in delivering a complete suite of market research forms processing services to marketers and businesses across the globe, helping them formulate strategic business decisions by having valuable data at fingertips.

We have a dedicated team of market research data entry and forms processing professionals who are adroit at managing and processing information from huge volumes of survey forms, questionnaires and market research forms. Our market research data processing services encompass data collection, digitization, cleansing, analyzing and summarizing quantitative as well as qualitative marketing data that provides insight into customer’s buying behavior and supports in making informed decisions.’s Market Research Forms Processing Services: A Glimpse

Catering to diverse industry verticals and niches such as marketing firms, medical/ healthcare, legal, human resources, real estate, banking and finance, insurance, and others, we provide market research forms processing services to clients across the globe. Our experts capture pertinent data from all types of handwritten, printed and typed market research forms, providing you providing easy access to customer’s demographic information such as gender, age and income, products they have purchased from you, their buying behavior, how often they use those products, their feedback and a lot more.

As an expert team of data entry specialists, marketers and researchers, we use your business-critical data to provide richer insights into customer experience and buying pattern. Regardless of the same size, our experts can efficiently process the information and manually feed it in database, spreadsheet or Excel file with 99.95% accuracy.

As part of market research forms processing and data entry services:

  • Hardcopy market research forms, questionnaires and surveys are scanned using advanced scanning tools
  • Data is collected from the market research forms, and is converted into editable, electronic format
  • Data is captured from scanned images and entered in an easy-to-access file format like .xls, .doc, .txt, .html or any other
  • The data entered is cleansed, verified, cross-checked and validated against the source files
  • The file is transferred to client’s system through secure FTP/ VPN for further analyzes for market research

Our market research forms processing services are aimed at determining vital information about the target audience, market size and competition so that you can refine your marketing campaigns and gain an edge over competitors.

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